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The EcoH2O™ unit increased yield and quality of banana compare to control under subtropical condition. Yield was determined 13% higher than control plants. In the future experiment, whether EcoH2O™ unit effects water quality and quantity can be determined. It is also necessary to repeat the study in the second year to reach final results.
Plant foliage is looking lusher with what seems to be a higher degree of photosynthesis than the control plot. More uniformed growth, plants are looking healthier with less insect attack than the control plot.
Chad noted that his soil has a lot of clay in it requiring him to water the lemon trees for 25 hours at a time, twice a week. Since the installation of the EcoH2O™ Water Enhancement device, he now waters only 18 hours twice a week (a 28% reduction in water applied) and has been able to reduce application fertilizers by 50%. He commented that he no longer has a problem of standing water during irrigation, as the water perks more rapidly. Finally, Chad commented that the 2017 harvest of lemons was the largest he has ever had, but did not give the exact percentage increase in the case of his older trees.
The maximum plant height (107.7 cm) at harvest time, SPAD value (46.8), fruit number (25), fruit length (6.7 cm), fruit breadth (7.0 cm), fruit weight (180 g), yield per plant (4.5 kg) which was approximately 30% higher than tap water was found in ecosolv water application. EcoH2O™ water applications increased growth and yield of tomato. So, it will be potential for crop production. It is recommended to make further trial on different high value crops.

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