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Achieve Optimal Resource Management

Achieve optimal resource management with SuperMAXX, your go-to solution for waste reduction and efficient utilization.


•   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Compound

•   10% + Energy Savings on AC/Refrigeration

•   Reduced Maintenance

•   Longer Equipment Life

Optimize with SuperMAXX™

SuperMAXX™ for Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Refrigerant Systems and Chillers

The Efficiency Solution for HVAC Refrigeration Systems

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The efficiency of HVAC refrigeration systems drops by approximately 7% in the first year and thereafter approximately 2% every year due to “Oil Fouling.” Oil fouling occurs when the compressor oil builds up on the metallic walls of the refrigeration tubing, reducing the heat transfer from the refrigerant to the walls of the refrigerant tubing.

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How SuperMAXX™ Works

SuperMAXX™ is an Intermetallic Compound

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SuperMAXX™ is an intermetallic compound that, when introduced into the refrigerant oil of an HVAC system, forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces through a chemical reaction called covalent bonding. This process eliminates oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal, and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas, resulting in a more efficient HVAC system with substantial savings in energy costs.

SuperMAXX™ is Unique

What Makes SuperMAXX™ Unique

    • Forms a protective molecular layer that will not change the mechanical tolerance.
    • Contains no elements of the Halogen group, particularly Chlorine, Fluorine, Sulphur, or Phosphorous.
    • Does NOT contain PTFE (Teflon) or any related particulate.
    • Will not contaminate waste oil.
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How SuperMAXX™ Works

What Makes SuperMAXX Unique?

SuperMAXX™ Application

SuperMAXX™ is added to the system in the same way that the refrigerant is applied. For units up to 30 tons, 1 fl oz of SuperMAXX™ per ton is applied. For units up to 30 tons, 10% of the compressor oil is removed and replaced with SuperMAXX™.


It typically takes an HVAC technician about 15 minutes to install SuperMAXX™.  Although results are felt and heard almost immediately, allow two weeks for the product to produce its full benefits. SuperMAXX™ is a one-time application.

Equipment Warranty

Manufacturers have set the specifications that the recommended oil needs to meet. SuperMAXX™ meets all manufacturers specifications. (Please ask for our specification sheet.)

Tested and verified by Intertek Testing Service NA, Inc, Ohio for metal compatibility, oil miscibility & chemical stability. (per ANSI/ASHRAE 97)

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