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What is EcoBoost™?

EcoBoost is a folliar sprayed growth stimulant, suitable for all crops and plants.

Applied via either the irrigation system or sprayer, EcoBoost will stimulate the plants’ growth hormones. Improving the plants health and enable better quality produce.

A bottle can cover up to 2.7 hectares of farmland, with 1 part EcoBoost and 300 parts water.

How Does it Work?

Increased Rate of Photosynthesis

EcoBoost is a foliage applied bio fertiliser suitable for all crops and plants.

It penetrate the leaves from the upper epidermis and the stomata. Once inside the plant, EcoBoost will increase the rate of photosynthesis, enabling better absorption of water and nutrients. In turns, EcoBoost will stimulate the root growth of the plant, which improve the health and yield of the plants.

Product Observation

More Vibrant and Vivid

New Shoots Everywhere

Healthier Leaves

Fuller Fruits

Scientifically Proven Results

The University of Florida

Dr Alan L. Wright

Everglades Research & Education Center

The experimental design included sweet corn grown using two fertilization rates (80 and 100% of the UF-recommended N,P, and K), and a product test (with and without), with four field replications. Each field plot measured 4 rows by 20 feet, with a total of 16 field plots.

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